The Brook Family and the Narayanan Family welcome you to Brook Farm! We offer farm fresh vegetables and flowers grown locally in Harvard, Illinois.
You can now purchase our delicious flavored popcorn at local farmers markets, at our farm store, and in our online store.
Seasonally, our farm store is full of bedding flowers, freshly picked vegetables & watermelon, pumpkins, squash, and a variety of popcorn products. We hope you come out to Harvard and visit with us.
Brook Farm grows some of the sweetest corn in McHenry County. Our bi-color Sweet Surprise corn is so tasty you can eat it raw.
We have stands at the farmers markets in Woodstock and just across the Illinois border in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
Our greenhouse fills up early with the brightest of Spring colors. We grow a large assortment of annual flowers available as single plants, by the flat, in pots, and as gorgeous hanging baskets.
Brook Farm holds several events at the farm throughout the season including our pumpkin decorating event and farm tours. Watch our Facebook page for information.
We grow over 60 varieties of vegetables including sweet corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, onions, beets, greens, pumpkins, and squash.

Our Flowers

Our farm property includes several buildings.  The usual barn and garage but also a couple that are a little more atypical – a greenhouse and a high tunnel.



Our Produce

Brook Farm is known for the beautiful and delicious vegetables we produce. Several acres of surrounding farmland as well as our high tunnel (new this year) are used…



Our Popcorn

We offer popcorn in eight standard flavors with special flavors added seasonally. Online ordering with pickup at the farm or delivery is available.



Farm Store

In our beautiful barn at 9306 Lawrence Rd, Harvard, IL
Closed For the Season


Welcome to Brook Farm

Located in the center of the Big Foot Prairie in McHenry County, Brook Farm is part of two former dairy farms on land pioneered in the 1840′s.  The farm’s rich prairie soils developed in parent materials left by the departing Wisconsin ice sheet.  Only a few regions around the world match the quality of this farmland.

Suburban development has still not encroached on the prairie, and the sweeping view of the vast Woodstock-Marengo moraine several miles to the east of the farm remains largely unobstructed.  Even though the farm is not far from one of the world’s great metropolitan regions, you’ll have the sense of being in the midst of rural America at Brook Farm.

Farmers Rich and Sonja have been farming on this same acreage near Harvard, Illinois since 1974.  They have built the Brook Farm farming operation from the ground up including building the greenhouse and barn by hand.  They pride themselves on the reputation they have gained for their high quality flowers and delicious vegetables.

Brook Farm


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